Wednesday, October 20, 2010

its been forever

So i still havnt figured out how to use this thing. But the latest update with us is that i am 13 weeks pregnant with baby #3! We are going to wait for a suprise on this one so its either going to be a boy or a girl :) Taylee is now 3 and pretty much potty trained. Nighttime is still an issue but im not too worried about it. Trenton and Taylee are both sleeping in the same bed now :) they love to share the bottom bunk of the bunk bed so thats really sweet to walk in and see them cuddle together at night, something that makes your heart melt a bit.
We moved in that last couple months. We moved to Moapa, NV a small town about 40 mins North of Las Vegas. We love it here. We have trees and grass and the kids play outside allllllday long! its perfect :) Trenton is defiantly our outdoors kid, he comes in to eat and sleep and thats about it. Taylee still loves her movies but wanders outside to play also. We have a great life. So as soon as something new happens or i really sit and figure this thing out there will be more of an update :)

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