Saturday, January 15, 2011

Its been almost a year!

I cant belive its been almost a year since I have posted something. Its crazy! Well the news... I am pregnant, due Easter of 11. Were going to let this one be a suprise which is hardest thing EVER! Denton convinced of a girl and Im leaning more twards boy although my nestiness has been very girl related. Taylee is pretty much potty trained at this point, although accidents do happen. I guess I should mention that we havnt even attempted a nightime potty schedule yet, I would love to have her completly done at night by baby time but we'll see how that works out!
Trenton is cute as ever but defiantly turning 2! He throws himself on the floor and bites and screams at you with the cutiest look on his face. We love our cute family though.
Well not much more to report other than weve been just hanging out and relaxing alot. I do Zumba 2 times a week and Im loving it! Denton has been so good about watching the kids for me and we are still adjusting to the small town lifestyle but after cutting back on a few trips to town every week I think well have it down.
Until next time...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

its been forever

So i still havnt figured out how to use this thing. But the latest update with us is that i am 13 weeks pregnant with baby #3! We are going to wait for a suprise on this one so its either going to be a boy or a girl :) Taylee is now 3 and pretty much potty trained. Nighttime is still an issue but im not too worried about it. Trenton and Taylee are both sleeping in the same bed now :) they love to share the bottom bunk of the bunk bed so thats really sweet to walk in and see them cuddle together at night, something that makes your heart melt a bit.
We moved in that last couple months. We moved to Moapa, NV a small town about 40 mins North of Las Vegas. We love it here. We have trees and grass and the kids play outside allllllday long! its perfect :) Trenton is defiantly our outdoors kid, he comes in to eat and sleep and thats about it. Taylee still loves her movies but wanders outside to play also. We have a great life. So as soon as something new happens or i really sit and figure this thing out there will be more of an update :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Were moving!

So we are moving!!! YAY I am sooo excitd.. We are moving to Moapa, NV it is about 40 mins North of Las Vegas. We cant wait for a big yard and some space to move around, have a garden and raise some little chickens :) and rabbits and a goat :-D But yes we move twards end of July and its going to be a good thing for our little family.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ten minutes of chaos

So the kids and I went to run arronds yesterday. Taylee decided to pee her pants not 30 mins before we left So I didnt think to have her go pee. We got to Post Net and she pees her pants on the driver seat while im dropping off mail.. YUCK, but not a big deal we move on...We go to DI another 30 mins away and when we are in the store she decides to pee her pants AGAIN. Lovely right...We buy her some new shorts and get out to car to make the change. I find out that she has pooped her pants too! (my vans in the shop so i have no diapers and no wipes with me) i get poop on my hand, have to wipe it off with the wet pants that she peed on then santitize the daylights out of them. It was a moment but we moved on..Drove home.We got home and I took her up to shower. It was SOOOO much poooopp and it was runny and massive and ohh so yuck! So im trying to get her to stay still and get in the right position for me to clean her, while im trying to keep Trenton from throwing all the toys in the tub and I slip on my some water, fall and hit my leg on thier toy bucket and it hurts so bad it buckels me over in hystartic tears! So im laying over the poopy bathtub crying Taylee starts crying be cause I am and Trentons trying to throw everything in...
It was about 10 mins of compelete chaos for me...I put the kids in bed and they slept for 3 hours! I guess the lord rewards your trials.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another day in paradise

I didnt mention that we were going to Boise for a week. It was tons of fun! Although we didnt do much but help out around the house and visit family we had a great time... Taylee and Trenton lite up thier papa prettymans heart. What cute happy kids they are.
On our way home from our long vacation we had our AC in our car break down. It was a hot ride,thats for sure. 105 outside.....not the funnest. But we made it!
Today I got to unload everything into the middle of the floor. It took about an hour to clean it all up, we I felt very accomplished when it was all said and done.
Taylee potty traning update....poops her pants daily, pees in potty :) no more diapers though

I was reading a blog tonight but a family who have 3 boys, all in heaven now. My heart was aching so bad. We had a loss in our cousins family and the heartbreak that we saw from them (although they recovered beautifully) was immense! I just couldnt imagine what these poor people were feeling with the loss of 3 sweet baby boys. Makes you so greatful for your children, the poopy panties and constant cleaning up fishy crackers and of course their health and stregth. What a beautiful gift it is to be a mother. To hold and get the chance to raise perfect little children sent to us from a loving heavenly father.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The start of something new

So we are starting off our first blog entry today...this is one of those days when Denton is working and im once again working on my patience. We have tried pretty much everything when it comes to potty training (and not totally consistant like) and so yesterday i decided to start again cold turkey! No more diapers for Taylee. AT ALL! Which means she peed her pants 3 times yesterday and wet the bed twice. It was great! Today she only peed her pants once and peed in the potty the rest of the day! She also pood :) all by herself too, i had to go clean her off but it landed in the toliet and everything i was SO proud! Well see how it continues....
Trenton is almost 13 months now and we are trying to get him off of abottle. So when the milk runs out hes done! Another cold turkey attempt by Ciera later on this week with that.