Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ten minutes of chaos

So the kids and I went to run arronds yesterday. Taylee decided to pee her pants not 30 mins before we left So I didnt think to have her go pee. We got to Post Net and she pees her pants on the driver seat while im dropping off mail.. YUCK, but not a big deal we move on...We go to DI another 30 mins away and when we are in the store she decides to pee her pants AGAIN. Lovely right...We buy her some new shorts and get out to car to make the change. I find out that she has pooped her pants too! (my vans in the shop so i have no diapers and no wipes with me) i get poop on my hand, have to wipe it off with the wet pants that she peed on then santitize the daylights out of them. It was a moment but we moved on..Drove home.We got home and I took her up to shower. It was SOOOO much poooopp and it was runny and massive and ohh so yuck! So im trying to get her to stay still and get in the right position for me to clean her, while im trying to keep Trenton from throwing all the toys in the tub and I slip on my some water, fall and hit my leg on thier toy bucket and it hurts so bad it buckels me over in hystartic tears! So im laying over the poopy bathtub crying Taylee starts crying be cause I am and Trentons trying to throw everything in...
It was about 10 mins of compelete chaos for me...I put the kids in bed and they slept for 3 hours! I guess the lord rewards your trials.

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