Friday, June 11, 2010

Another day in paradise

I didnt mention that we were going to Boise for a week. It was tons of fun! Although we didnt do much but help out around the house and visit family we had a great time... Taylee and Trenton lite up thier papa prettymans heart. What cute happy kids they are.
On our way home from our long vacation we had our AC in our car break down. It was a hot ride,thats for sure. 105 outside.....not the funnest. But we made it!
Today I got to unload everything into the middle of the floor. It took about an hour to clean it all up, we I felt very accomplished when it was all said and done.
Taylee potty traning update....poops her pants daily, pees in potty :) no more diapers though

I was reading a blog tonight but a family who have 3 boys, all in heaven now. My heart was aching so bad. We had a loss in our cousins family and the heartbreak that we saw from them (although they recovered beautifully) was immense! I just couldnt imagine what these poor people were feeling with the loss of 3 sweet baby boys. Makes you so greatful for your children, the poopy panties and constant cleaning up fishy crackers and of course their health and stregth. What a beautiful gift it is to be a mother. To hold and get the chance to raise perfect little children sent to us from a loving heavenly father.

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