Thursday, May 20, 2010

The start of something new

So we are starting off our first blog entry today...this is one of those days when Denton is working and im once again working on my patience. We have tried pretty much everything when it comes to potty training (and not totally consistant like) and so yesterday i decided to start again cold turkey! No more diapers for Taylee. AT ALL! Which means she peed her pants 3 times yesterday and wet the bed twice. It was great! Today she only peed her pants once and peed in the potty the rest of the day! She also pood :) all by herself too, i had to go clean her off but it landed in the toliet and everything i was SO proud! Well see how it continues....
Trenton is almost 13 months now and we are trying to get him off of abottle. So when the milk runs out hes done! Another cold turkey attempt by Ciera later on this week with that.

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